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 Goddess Brigid In Paganism

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PostSubject: Goddess Brigid In Paganism   Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:21 am

Brigid is a Celtic Gaelic deity and one with many names but that is something we will cover later. She is one that many Pagans anyone who follows a Pagan like path still follow. That is right folks, not only she was she worshiped many a year ago but she is still fondly thought of to this very day. She is actually a very important figure of Celtic Paganism and within this hub you will be learning different associations about this Goddess, different names that she has gone by, and little bit of other information you may find rather interesting.

First of all we shall begin with the names to end any confusion if there is any. Brigid has many names and different spellings of her name as well. She has gone by Brigit, Bride, St. Brigid, Bridey, Briggidda, Brigantia, and The Mistress of The Mantle. So if you have come here searching for one of these names well there you go, you now know that this is indeed the Goddess that you seek, she just goes by many names.

What Is She The Goddess Of Exactly?
Brigid is considered a solar deity, a sun Goddess. She is a goddess of fire, of inspiration. She's said to be the Goddess of divination and prophecy. She is connected with healing and childbirth. At one point she was given the title of being the Goddess of unity as well, this story will be shared with you later. She is the goddess of light.

Brigid is said to be a triple Goddess and has been compared to the Virgin Mary. It is said that this is the Catholics version of Brigid. A virgin, a mother and eventually a crone as well.

Brigid's Story
This is the story that I will share with you on how she became titled the Goddess of Unity. She married an Irish king called Bres. Now Brigid and Bres were both from two warring tribes. These tribes hated each other and were at constant battle with each other. It was in hope that by this marriage this war would end. The marriage did not result in the peace they had wanted and the war continued.

Brigid had three sons from Bres. Sadly it was during one of these battles that one of her sons by the name of Ruadan had died in. It was this death of her beloved son that assured the title of unity and even peace for Brigid. After he son's death she wouldn't want war anymore. This is how she received that part of title.

You also may find it interesting that Brigid is the daughter of Dagda and the great "father God" of Ireland. She owned an apple field in the otherworld where she also had bees. It's said that these bees would bring their magical nectar back to earth.

It is also said that wherever Brigid walked small flowers and shamrocks would appear.

Brigid is the Goddess that taught humans how to gather and use herbs for healing. She also taught them how to take care of their livestock and how to forge tools out of iron.

There are many symbols that are associated with this Celtic Goddess. Generally anything to do with light is connected with her. For example, fire, candles, sunrise, are all associated with her. Hearth and forge are symbols of her as well. Because of her connection to poetry and inspiration poetry is of course considered to be a symbol. Whistling and embroidery are both symbols. Arrows, bells, thresholds, and doorways are also symbols that are connected to Brigid. Sandstone rock formations like the Stonehenge are said to be symbols for her. The St. Brigid's Cross, cloaks, midwifery, corn dolls and the number 19 are all connected to her. So is midwifery for she is also connected to that.

As for animals lambs, ewes, dairy cows, bees, owls, serpents and any hibernating animals are associated with this Goddess. When it comes to the serpents it's said that entwined serpents especially are.

Plants that are associated with Brigid are dandelion, snowdrops, crocus, trillium, acorns, oak tree, corn, oats, sage, pumpkin seeds, heather, chamomile, broom, shamrock, rushes, straw and filed flowers.

The following scents are also said to connect with this Celtic deity heather, wisteria, violet, lavender, lemon verbena, and heliotrope.

When it comes to gemstones you may want to use carnelian, agates, amethyst or jasper. And metals that you may want to include are gold, brass, silver or copper.

When working with colors for Brigid these colors are the best to use and they are white, yellow, black and/or red.

Brigid is the Goddess that provides the light of life in all of us. Look around and you can see it. She protects us as we walk through the labyrinth but even if she does so, she still forces us to face reality with ourselves, no matter how difficult that may be. She is a mother that keeps traditions alive and whole. She offers us guidance no matter what the circumstance may be. She is the Goddess Brigid.
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Goddess Brigid In Paganism
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