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 Myths and facts

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PostSubject: Myths and facts   Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:15 pm

Wiccans are normal regular people. They are like are any other people, which is sometimes hard to believe, when you observe myths what have evolved around them.

Here are few examples.

Myth 1: Wiccans have allied with the devil.
Fact: People who pratice (believe) in Wicca do not believe in devil, nor would serve one. Wicca believes in personal responsibility meaning we self are responsible of what we do, in the good and in the bad. There are no outerside force what can be blamed of one's doings.

Myth 2: Wiccans practice black magic.
Fact: Magic is not good or evil. It is neutral force like electric. Moral of magic is attached to it's user, that is, it can be used for good and building things or to destructive and hurting things.

Most wiccan follow the basic rules of the Wicca, that is, you can do what ever you want as long as nobody (or nothing) is harmed. Majority of the magic is aimed for wellbeing of the others and enviroment.

Myth 3: Wiccans sacrifice animals.
Fact: Wiccans deeply respect nature and rights of everyone. They don't believe that people have permission to control animals or each other. Instead of this, they sacrife their time and energy. In actual sacrifice, wine, jewelry and self-made objects are used as offerings.

Myth 4: Wiccan is just sex and nudity.
Fact: Wicca is one of the religions of the fertility. Fertility is mostly seen as a part of sexuality, but fertility does not always mean making babies. It is also creation and birth of the new ideas, deeds and situations.

In fruitful relationship parties aim to help each other to develope their gifts and encourage instead of limiting each other.

Natural religions are often confused to naturalism. In wicca, nudity is not demaded as one of the wiccan principles is that nobody is not to demand to do anything that one feels uncomfortable. Some wiccans praticle their rituals naked, some wear robes and other regular clothes (which might be reserved only for ritual use).

Myth 5: Wicca is not a real religion.
Fact: In wicca there are no universally applicable rituals or patterns, nor written instructions. Wiccans are assumed to make their own decision of the right and wrong. There are no authorities who would define what one should do, say or think. Still wicca fills the criterions of the religion, although it is not a "book-religion".

Myth 6: Wiccans wear black.
Fact: Wiccans wear any clothes they want. In night times outside some wiccans do use black clothers because of their practicality. Black clothes won't gather dirt and it is not too visual in black clothes which they tend to gather when setting up fire or sitting in ground.

In other hand, wearing dark clothes does not get too much attention because most wiccans do not want too much "audience" around them.

Myth 7: Wiccans wear long robes and wizard's cap.
Fact: Many wiccans wear long robe which is also used in rituals outside. It covers other clothing and keeps you warm. Wizard's hat is not part of the wiccan clothing. It can be only found from children stories.

Myth 8: Wiccans use strong make-up and wear heavy jewelry.
Fact: Some wiccans do this, some do not. Like everyone else.

Myth 9: Wiccans fly with broom.
Fact: No, with airplanes. Wiccans use broom to wipe autumn leaves from their garden or as a symbolic object when they clean their area of the ritual. Broom is also used in some ritual, for example in some wiccan marriage couple jumps over broom.

Myth 10: Wiccans make powerful soup in their pots.
Fact: Wiccans interested in herbs prepare medicines, ointments and creams in their own regular kitchens. These soups are not any more stranger than regular usage of the herbs.

In wicca, pot is also used as a symbol, in extend to this, it can also kept outside as a fireplace. Inside it can be used as a candle-holder.
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Myths and facts
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