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 Candle colours

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PostSubject: Candle colours   Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:41 pm

White Candles: Linked to the Moon

Associated with: Purity, Spirituality, Truth and peace.

Use in spells for healing, consecration rituals, protection, purification, lunar magick, exorcism, undoing curses and hexes cast against you, banishing anger, spiritual strength and meditation. The colour is appropriate for any lunar goddess or for working with Archangels. Helpful for summoning spirit guides, astral travel, dealing with otherworldly planes; encourages psychic gifts such as clairvoyance. In healing, white is useful for broken bones and skeletal disorders, dental problems and pain, and increasing a nursing mother's milk. White can also substitute for any other colour except black. Combining white with other colours raises the vibrations of the spell. Attracts feminine energies. Represents 7th Chakra.
* Works well with clear quartz, opal, moonstone, pearl, rose quartz, amethyst, aquamarine
* Anoint with lavender oil for healing
* Anoint with sage oil for purification, consecration, meditation
* Anoint with black pepper oil for exorcisms, banishing, curse breaking
* Anoint with jasmine or lemon oil for lunar magick rituals.

Yellow Candles: Linked to Mercury, element of Fire, and Cancer.

Associated with Intellectualism, imagination, memory and creativity.

Use in spells and rituals to improve your memory; for eloquence, stimulating the intellect and the imagination, improving communication with others; encourages mental abilities. Burn while studying to help you understand and retain the information more effectively; also helps concentration during divination and may bring unexpected insights. Aids in breaking mental and emotional blocks. Represents 3rd Chakra. Used in healing to treat skin disorders and stomach complaints, as well as PMS and menstrual pain.
* Works well with topaz, Rutilated quartz, clear quartz, citrine, amber
* Anoint with ylang-ylang oil for communication and eloquence
* Anoint with ginger and pine oils for concentration, studying, stimulate intellect and memory.

Orange Candles: Linked to Mercury, element of Air, and Taurus

Associated with Ambition, career matters and the law.

Used in spells to achieve business and personal goals; success in legal matters, property deals and other professional transactions. Stimulates physical and spiritual energies; encourages adaptability in changing situations. Aids in promoting healthy discourse, constructive arguments, persuasiveness. Represents 2nd Chakra. In healing, used for coughs, asthma, lung disorders, arthritis and exhaustion.
* Works well with carnelian, moss agate, alexandrite, clear quartz
* Anoint with myrrh oil for business and professional success
* Anoint with honeysuckle or bayberry oil for persuasiveness
* Anoint with orange and lime oils for energy.

Red Candles: Linked to Mars, element of Fire, and Aries.

Associated with energy, strength, courage, lust and sexual potency.

Use in spells for attracting love and lust, inducing passion in a relationship, fertility, beauty spells; also for defensive magick’s and vengeance spells. Encourages strength, vigour, assertiveness, enthusiasm. Blasts you out of a rut; conquers fear and laziness. Energizes rituals where a power boost is required for immediate action. Represents 1st Chakra. Use with caution, as the effects can be unpredictable; red can promote anger, ego, aggression. In healing, good for neuralgia, depression, disorders of the reproductive system.
* Works well with ruby, garnet, bloodstone, diamonds, tiger's eye, red tourmaline, red jasper
* Anoint with cinnamon oil for passion, sexuality, lust
* Anoint with rose or patchouli oil for love and beauty
* Anoint with ginger and clove oils for energy, strength, vigour
* Anoint with black pepper and/or John the Conqueror oil for defensive spells.

Pink Candles: Linked to Friday, the planet Venus and Taurus.

Associated with Love, friendship, caring, affection and Romance. Represents the female.

Used in spells for new relationships, emotions from the heart, raise energies, friends and family, and of course romance.
* Works well with rose quartz, unakite, rhodonite, amethyst
* Anoint with rose essential oil to pacify a situation
* Anoint with ylang ylang essential oil to obtain a new love
* Anoint with geranium oil to bring harmony and spread happiness.

Purple Candles: Linked to Saturn, element of Water, and Pisces.

Associated with higher psychic ability, spiritual/occult power and idealism, healing, tranquility, calmness.

Used for working with third eye magick, divination, prophecy, visions, dreams to reveal hidden knowledge and past lives; in spells of psychic protection, to gain spiritual and occult power, to influence people in high places. Also used in dominance and controlling spells. Promotes independence and self-esteem. Represents 6th and 7th Chakras. Used in healing to treat allergies and sleep disorders.
* Works well with clear quartz, amethyst, opal, lapis lazuli, beryl
* Anoint with patchouli and/or gardenia oil for protection
* Anoint with frankincense oil for occult power and influence
* Anoint with sandalwood and lilac oils for prophetic dreams and past life memories.

Blue Candles: Linked to Uranus, element of Water, and Aquarius.

Associated with mental clarity, communication, inspiration, wisdom, meditation, peace, harmony, and devotion.

Use in spells to determine the truth in a situation, gain wisdom and deeper insight, patience, tranquillity, inspire creativity, calm fears, balance conflicting energies. Encourages written and oral skills; inspires poetic thought. Very useful for meditation; clear the mind and induces a state of introspection. Promotes harmony in the home and between quarrelling couples. Attracts friendship and loyalty. Represents 5th Chakra. In healing, used for dementia and mental disorders, insomnia, high blood pressure, stress-related illnesses and minor injuries.
* Works well with turquoise, coral, sapphire, blue lace agate, aquamarine, lapis lazuli
* Anoint with lavender and/or chamomile oil for tranquillity, harmony, friendship
* Anoint with rosemary oil for inspiration
* Anoint with lemongrass oil for insight.

Green Candles: Linked to Friday, the planet Venus, element of Earth, and Virgo.

Associated with Prosperity, Fertility, abundance, good luck and harmony.

Used in spells for prosperity and money, abundance, good luck, and to counter greed and jealousy; also good for tree/plant magick, communication with faeries and nature spirits, fertility, general earth magick. Rejuvenates mind, body and spirit. Attracts prosperity and success in financial matters, but negativity may rebound upon the caster if they get too greedy. Promotes good fortune and abundant harvests; protects against poverty and famine. Lighter colours are useful in weather-related spells. Represents 4th Chakra. In healing, used to treat colds, headache and nervousness.
* Works well with malachite, jade, emerald, green tourmaline, green aventurine, onyx, peridot
* Anoint with almond, cedar, mint and/or basil oil for prosperity, abundance and money
* Anoint with camphor or eucalyptus oil for healing
* Anoint with rose or gardenia oil for faerie magick.

Brown: Associated with the planet Jupiter, element of Earth, and Capricorn/Sagittarius

Associated with Earth Magick, Stability, Grounding, Contacting Animal Guides, Protecting Animals

Use in spells to help locate lost objects, attract friendships, protect pets and familiars, animal magick. Encourages telepathy, deeper understanding of animal spirits and earth elementals; improves concentration during meditation. Good for grounding and centring. In healing, used for intestinal/digestion disorders.
* Works well with smoky quartz, amber, clear quartz, tiger's eye, turquoise
* Anoint with patchouli and cypress oils for animal and earth magick
* Anoint with lavender to attract friendship, healing and meditation.

Silver/Grey: Associated with the Moon, element of Air, and Libra

Clairvoyance, inspiration, astral energy and intuition

Use in spells to neutralize negativity in the physical world (clear auric fields and remove undesirable influences); also to neutralize the effects of a spell you have cast. Encourages stability and neutrality. Temporarily induces a state of non-change in circumstances that are overwhelming; however, it can get you into a rut if used too often or improperly. Attracts Divine energies. Represents 6th Chakra.
* Works well with moonstone, pearl, opal, rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz
* Anoint with juniper oil for Goddess/Divine energies
* Anoint with oakmoss oil for stability
* Anoint with frankincense oil for neutralizing spells and vibrations.

Black: Associated with Pluto, element of Fire, and Scorpio

Protection, Binding, Reversing hexes.

Use in spells for binding, reversing hexes and curses, shape shifting and protection from psychic, occult and spiritual attack. Can also be used in black magick rituals. Absorbs all negative energies. Protects from unjust retribution, banishes evil entities, and useful in Crone magick. Adding black to other colours intensifies the effects of the spell. Represents 1st Chakra.
* Works well with onyx, jet, obsidian, diamond, moonstone, all agates
* Anoint with juniper and lemongrass oils to reverse hexes and curses
* Anoint with basil and geranium oils for protection
* Anoint with bayberr
y oil for binding.

Gold: Associated the Sun, element of Fire, and Leo
Use in spells and rituals for confidence, business or personal career success; to attract fast luck and quick changes to situations that are in a rut. The colour is appropriate for any solar deity. Attracts masculine energies and higher cosmic influences. In healing, gold is useful for dealing with lethargy, depression, melancholy, self-doubt; emotional rather than physical wounds.
* Works well with topaz, citrine, clear quartz, carnelian, yellow diamond
* Anoint with vanilla or cinnamon oil for good luck
* Anoint with bergamot oil for business success
* Anoint with lime oil for changes.

MAGENTA - Quick change. Use this candle with other candles to initiate a quick response or fast changes.
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Candle colours
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