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 Goddess circle ritual

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PostSubject: Goddess circle ritual   Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:12 pm

GODDESS CIRCLE Ritual- a lovely cleansing ‘feminine’ but ‘wild woman’ type of ritual that cleanses and reconfirms ‘I AM’.
You’ll need:

Some flowers and/or petals freshly picked (doesn’t matter what flowers you use)

Some rock salt (enough to sprinkle a circle around the Goddess)

4 Crystals - tiger’s eye, rose quartz, clear quartz and jade. (if you don’t have these particular crystals any others will do. River pebbles or rocks will also suffice)


A large feather.

1 white candle

· This ceremony is held preferably at night.

The Ceremony

Have the Goddess sit in the centre of a clearing. She holds the lit white candle in front of her.

Have the participants all sprinkle the flowers and flower petals around and on the Goddess, falling as they may.

Encircle the Goddess with sea salt by sprinkling a circle of salt around her, on the outside of the flower ring.

Place the 4 crystals at the compass points of North, South, East and West.

Participants hold hands and form a circle around the Goddess, forming an outer ring or circle.

Participants then circle clockwise 3 times beginning at the Southern point - then anti-clockwise 3 times – then come to a halt.

The Sage is then lit. Use the feather to waft the smoke from the Sage towards and around the Goddess. Do this for around 3 minutes.

The Goddess is then to stand and declare out-loud the first 3 letters of her first name and the first 3 letters of her surname. (for example, for me with my birth name of Joanne Hargrave, it is Joa Har. These letters are your ‘soul-name’)

She is to repeat her Soul-name (loudly) 3 times.

The Goddess has declared herself to the Universe - the ceremony has concluded.
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Goddess circle ritual
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