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 How to live with spirits or ghosts in your home

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PostSubject: How to live with spirits or ghosts in your home   Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:14 am

Spirits are around us all the time. Spirits or Ghost become attach to objects, homes and even people.

There are some spirits who are comfortable enough with you to make them self known. Then there are other spirits whom you would need a medium to tell you they are there.

Watching a spirit walk across the screen in a movie in time you will get over the freight of it. It's totally different when you experience a spirit within your own home. The experience will never fade in your memory.

What do you do now that you know you have spirits within your house? You can agree to live together by setting boundaries as needed or you can have someone come to send them off. This article is about learning to live with spirits.

I live with spirits being a part of who I am since the age of 5, so when I see something I say "Cool", but understandably others may not like the ideal of living with a spirit.

The first step is to be able to Acknowledge and validate that there is a spirit(s) presence. You would hate to think you have a spirit but in reality there is a small mouse or other critter living in your walls. If this is the case you will not get much results from the critter when you ask them to quiet down for the night.

It's one thing to say you have a spirit and you talk to him or her, but to know without a doubt that there is a spirit with in your home is another. Having family member or guest in your home confirm seeing or hearing a spirit would constitute validation. Having a spirit frequently visit your room at night would be a valid verification.

If you are reading this article I am going to assume that you are not over concerned about horror stories of evil spirits. You should be able to sense if you are in any harms way and stay well within your comfort zone. Pay attention to behavior changes in your pets. Some times we are all so busy in our day to day troubles that we may not notice when a spirit is near. Your pets can alarm you to a spirit visitor.

Times have changed and more people are becoming fascinated with spirits. So the next time you sense a spirit is in the same room start off with a "Hello, I know you are here."

The next step would be to identify the spirit. If you are fortunate enough to live in a home that has been passed down from generation to generation (like in my new witch series Spirits of Salem - The Inheritance coming Oct 2009) then you will know the history behind the house.

Knowing who died in the house or who owned it prior to yourself will help you relate to the spirit by name.

There is always a case that a spirit could just all of a sudden show up in a house. If you have recently remolded or purchased old furniture or decor for your house, spirits can become stirred up with this type of movement. There are ways to prevent these type of home intruders if you desire by smudging which I can write about in another article.

If you are just moving into a home and you are picking up on spirit activity, take a moment to introduce yourself. You can communicate by just speaking, if speaking out loud is impossible at the time, then just send in to a thought and speak it within your mind. I am not going to sit here and tell you that they will listen to everyone of your request to behave, its really going to depend on the spirit. I believe that we can all live together it we set boundaries.

If spirit behavior at any time makes you feel uncomfortable just let them know to stop.

Set boundaries as soon as possible. Light a candle and sit in one of the rooms you feel as the strongest spirit encounters. Explain to the spirit that you are now the servant of the land and home and that you are willing to share the space. Ask them to not enter certain rooms which works really great if you have children who may be frightened. It's also a great thing so that when you are in the bathroom you don't have to worry about stepping out of the shower and an image passes by scaring you.

The more you speak openly to the spirits around you the stronger your convections will be come. A spirit could be there one day and move on the next. They come and go as they please. I don't believe that we have the right to tell every spirit we sense that they are dead and that they should go in to the light. Spirits are guides and guardians too so I consider it a blessing to have a spirit stay with me

Help others within your family to accept and respect spirits. If possible this will help keep both sides happy. Openly discussing spirit activity is not for every family. Small children understandably will be scared, but if you are a family that practices spiritual awareness then having everyone respect each other is a needed step

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How to live with spirits or ghosts in your home
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